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Foundation Learning at TyneMet

At TyneMet we are proud to be a recognised regional leader in education excellence, and this includes our foundation learning programmes for which we have received an outstanding grading for over ten years.

Why study Foundation Learning at TyneMet?

As a Foundation Learning student, you will find that your unique needs are met and you will gain new skills that will prepare you for a successful future. As well as making new friends, you will work alongside a fully supportive and dedicated team who will ensure you gain new skills, experience and confidence.

TyneMet College is very proud to announce that we received Autism Accreditation from the National Autistic Society in 2013 following a comprehensive review of our services. This accreditation recognises that our Foundation learning department understands autism and the best ways to support any individual to achieve their full potential.

Full time courses

Title Level Attendance Type
Basic Skills for Life Pre-entry level Full-time Vocational
Broadening Horizons Pre-entry level Full-time Vocational
Certificate in Learning Skills Entry level Full-time Vocational
Connect to Further Education Pre-entry level Full-time Vocational
Level 1 Transition into Vocational Training Level 1 Full-time Vocational
Opening Opportunities Pre-entry level Full-time Vocational
Personal Development Opportunities Pre-entry level Full-time Vocational
Preparation for Employment Pre-entry level Full-time Vocational
Social & Vocational Skills Pre-entry level Full-time Vocational
Towards Independence Pre-entry level Full-time Vocational

Part time courses

Title Start date & time Venue
Independent Living Skills (Incorporating washing, ironing, cooking and budgeting) 24/04/2014 TyneMet College, Coast Road Campus
Rebound Therapy - Intensive 1:1 therapeutic techniques to assist people with additional needs 24/04/2014 TyneMet College, Coast Road Campus

Like to know more?

If you have any questions about studying Foundation Learning at TyneMet, contact one of our friendly student advisors on 0191 229 5000 or enquiries@tynemet.ac.uk